Thursday, 10 August 2017

Brain test!

Off late I've been drilled by Qeely with some brain test...helping her out with her Math homework! Mak datuk!!! the level of complexity has changed. I believe whatever she's learning right now, are the ones I learned later - in upper secondary school! But after a while, old memories came flooding back and it's simply awesome reminiscing school days at BBGS, where life was so much simpler and so much MORE fun!

In those days (okey...I'm old, if you haven't noticed) both Math subjects i.e. Modern Math and Add Math were taught in English and my teachers...ehem...were very patient and have no mercy when it comes to Math homework. Not a day goes by when we would go home without any. But I guess, it was the drilling and day-in-and-day-out; and you practically vomit Math...that made me remember most of the stuff and I continued taking Math during uni. Anyway, just a recap of key principles so far that I've captured...

  • the angles of a triangle equals to 180
  • the angles of opposites in a straight line equals to 180
  • the corresponding angles on a straight line is the same
  • the intersection where 2 straight lines meet - the vertical angles are equals
  then you've got the negatives and positives, but worst would be on fractions!

and the never ending search for x and y!

Math is fun! #rolleyes

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