Thursday, 8 June 2017

Creating that balance...

The first thing that struck my mind when it comes to BALANCE is this...
Pic Courtesy of Mr Google
But what is on the left and right? Many things and categories, I guess. One category would be:

  • self-rules and regulations and principles vs team spirit

Urrrghhhh....why is it so difficult to strike balance between the two? My personal take, we don't live in a silo. Our lives are always dependent on other people and how we react to situations in our lives affect other people too in our ecosystem. Hence, please please pleaseeeeee...I cannot emphasise enough, BUT please be mindful of others... I just need to remind myself of these 2 cases in point:

  • one's beauty sleep vs team deadlines
  • one's functional mindedness vs group overarching framework

The TEAM/GROUP takes priorities kan? So please try to align yourself to that and fit in your schedules the big rocks (Group priorities) FIRST, and the smaller stones and sands (your self-proclaimed priorities), next. You will always have time for everything when you follow this.

Pic Courtesy of Mr Google


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