Tuesday, 7 February 2017


2016 was a challenging year both at home and on the professional arena. Home, because it was a year of hattrick for us - UPSR, PT3 and SPM. Work cum professional arena was mainly due to softer market sentiment and stretch targets nationwide. However, we kept our calm facade and soldier on.
A wise man taught me this...be like a duck, calm and demure at the outside...beautifully cruising across the lake. BUT, underneath...beneath, in the water, both duck legs continue to paddle furiously!

And...the love affair with the DUCK bloomed with the pink roses series. And it grew to Songket Raya. And it went on to KL skyline. And it got bigger with the Ops! It's all about supporting the local brand (I convinced myself - belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!). But then I said, okey, enough is enough. No more DUCK. But then, there's this World Map...



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