Sunday, 16 October 2016

A road trip with the Toks!

Off we went. Balik kampung Beruas. A quaint town in Perak. Mommy, Daddy and Mak Teh, and me the chauffeur, dutiful daughter, errand girl, etc. Sometimes, you just have to make this sort of road trip with your parents, give them the walk-down-their-memory-lane thingy, and just watch how their eyes lit up and practically grinning from ear-to-ear! And YES, they did.
First, it was some family matters in Sitiawan. Then, we quickly drove off to Beruas, just a 45 minutes drive from Sitiawan. The road was quiet, lined up with homes, brick and mortar and most times 'rumah kayu'. Rumah lama penuh dengan kerawang. Ada yang ditinggalkan, dan tidak kurang juga yang masih berhuni. But what's new, are the many homestay along the road. We went to a few name it, Mak Kecik's, Pak Nor, Aunty and Pak Chop. And of, dinner, kueh, breakfast the next morning and lunch! But what I love most was the laid back, slow and steady life. A stark contrast from mine in KL. I seriously needed it. Come to think of it, I think I needed this trip most. wahahaha!

Serious lebat buah mangga kat Mak Kecik's!

I guess...never be afraid to go home..walk down that memory lane...and rediscover your roots!


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