Monday, 22 August 2016

Vital Statistics 1 to 10!

I hated statistics back in uni. I still remember the lecturer. Yes he had the looks...but he was always in this mode  'hidup segan mati tak mahu' gitu...Haih..but whatever it was, I passed and that's sufficient ek
Courtesy of Google
Just thought of jotting down what numbers meant to me...
1 - first menantu...ahaks...
2 - I'm a second child and my princess was born in February
3 - three true blood siblings
4 - my sugar reading is at 4.2
5 - my birthdate and I have 5 kids
6 - our solemnization was on the 6th and my twins were born in June
7 - our wedding kenduri at my parents 
8 - my princess was born on the 8th
9 - my wedding month, both my boys were born in September (but different years thou), my twins were born on the 9th and I've moved 9 divisions!
10 - I ran 10km (only) recently


They are just numbers,

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