Sunday, 12 June 2016

Ramadhan 2016

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Assalamualaikum...It's been a week since Ramadhan dawn upon us in Malaysia. I do hope that this Ramadhan is a better one for me and family and for everyone. I'm thankful to be given the opportunity to live up to another Ramadhan. Hence, seize the opportunity accordingly. Alhamdulillah...

Religiously, we girls have been performing our solat terawikh at home together. As I stand in front of the kiddos, first night, second night and the routine continued until this evening, I felt the pressure, immense pressure to hasten my learning curve and confidence, to continuously improve my recitation...simply because the kiddos are observing and I want them to be able to do the same and better when the time comes.

Things happened for a reason, and we have to accept it. Reflect and I ask myself how am I nurturing the girls to be ladies in their own right? It's a long journey, but taking small steps one at a time is much appreciated.

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone...

Take care

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