Monday, 21 March 2016

Lion Dance vs. Chicken Dance

It was several weeks ago, my eldest was telling the youngest two that there will be a lion dance at school. He was describing about the lion dance and what does it mean to the community etc.
courtesy: Mr Google
Which reminded me of my school days. Moons and mooooooons ago, when my alma matter was still standing proudly in front of KL Plaza at Jalan Bukit Bintang, we would watch the lion dance and fire crackers from our class corridor. Especially my block i.e. Office block. It was facing KL Plaza. That year, KL Plaza had lighted up the red fire cracker from ground right up to its entrance ceiling. Fantastic flare of red and boom-bang-boom-bang. Sigh...those were the good old days of secondary school!

Anyway, back to NOW. While my eldest was busy describing about the event that will take place soon, the youngest two responded. Naively. Innocently. "Hmmm...Wow! best ke lion dance kat sekolah? Sekolah kitorang ada chicken dance lagi. Bukan tengok je. Kitorang yang menari tau!" Woohooo! My eldest was like ...What???? whereas I was ROTFL. Now this is what I call #kidstheysaythedarnestthings!

Lets chicken dance our way to the evening everyone!

Have fun,

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