Monday, 21 March 2016


Since the last posting, life was a super roller coaster at home and at work. Not just physical but emotional roller coaster. I dreamt of magnum almond in truckloads...Sigh...
Too many things in the head, on my workspace, cluttered desk, looooong list of things to do...
Hence, the hiatus...
  • So, I was called the gestapo! 
  • So, I danced to bollywood song - on stage. WHATTTTT????
  • So, I went running (yup! physically I ran 10km in a race...wahahaha... #dirikusengal)
  • So, I went for movies with the kids (...kita kalah sama-sama, kita menang sama-sama; inner peace)
  • So, I went balik kampung and piled up on the extra fat... (and later blamed it on the trip, when the weighing scale shot over and above the usual reading!) 
  • I gobbled on junk food and ice cream! OMG!!!
Hihihi...but all in all, I have been well...Alhamdulillah 

With love,

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