Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Terima kasih Cikgu...hanya satu tin Coke sehari!

Recently I had the opportunity to listen to a team of great teachers in one of the neighbouring school. It was crystal clear to me, at that point of time, and still is today...those teachers are equally excited with us, parents in ensuring that the kids are given the opportunity to improve themselves for a better future. A better society, better leaders who have the brains, intelligence and emotionally sound. Hats off to you, Cikgu!

These kids are the future leaders of tomorrow. And...this group of passionate and humble teachers do not wish for anything more, not even a single additional sen nor RM. All they wanted was for this year's batch to do their best, just like the previous students, their seniors...the pride of seeing the best in their students was apparent on that day. Apparent in the way their eyes twinkle, the way they talked about past students, smiles exchanged among the teachers...I just knew it! Oh my, I'm most fortunate to have teachers like you to guide my kids. Thank you so much Cikgu!

It's a voluntary extra class. Initiated by these passionate teachers. Just an extra hour a day for four times a week. Not compulsory. Students are most welcomed and encouraged to join.

  • Parents would have to consent. Why? Simply for logistics and administrative purposes. 
  • Of course, there is a minimal fee. Fee? For what? The usual printing of notes, latih-tubi and exercises for the kids to practise and be familiar with. 
  • Simply put, it's about or slightly less than a tin of Coke a day, only RM1.90 a day for the next 8 months.

Hmmmm...think about it. Let's take a tin of coke a day, for the next 8 months and exchange these tins of coke for an hour of our kids' education. Boleh kan? Pasti boleh!!!

It's all about priorities,

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