Friday, 25 December 2015

What's your poison?

Everyday is a SPECIAL occasion.  A new day to create history. A new opportunity to banish the negativity. Hence, choose your poison right! Choose wisely and it will simply lift your spirit higher and higher... It? only one? NOOOOO ...of course not. I personally think, a girl needs a variety.

You can never go worng with Body Shop. This Madagascar Vanilla is a personal favourite. Makes you feel like moist butter cake! So sedap
A must have - Fragonard. Love the Prestige range. Mixture of clasic, elegance and sweet smelling. Not too strong. Just a dash in the morning will keep you light hearted untill the evening... I would go for Etoile! at first smell...

and the latest I was introduced to (only recently)...Britney's Midnight Fantasy...under the label Elizabeth Arden. This bluish purple bottle holds a magical potion...Magic begins at Midnight! Romantic!

...always have Estee Lauder Pleasures in your collection... Feels so WILD and FREE! 

What's yours? Any of the above? not yet? give one of them a try, on your next buy!

Choose your poison,

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