Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Tangga craze!

Last year I attempted to take the staircase as part of my exercise. But fortunately, or unfortunately, MALAS was too overwhelming...and the first attempt remained as the ONE and only up-the-stairs exercise. Ahaks!

Then I met up with a team of younger-ones and young-at-heart who are forever so excited and motivated to take up the stairs. Teruja la pulak...

2015 is coming to an end. Probably I need to make it a point and stamp it in my heart and mind, that taking the steps is necessary in order to live healthier and longer. So for a start, I've decided to pull some courage and force myself to take up the stairs...10 flights weekly at least once a week? Perhaps...

The other day, I tried 20 flights up. OMG....but the time I reached up, the knees went wobbly and the mind played games...wahahaha. Then, it was a long wait for the lift down...and the rest of the team, casually said.. 'lets walk down.' WHATTTTT? I've been conned BIG time... Oh my knees...

And what a drama to close the year at the office, when the building management team decided to do a fire-drill early this morning. It was 39 floors down.

  • The feeling? Unbelievable for a Tuesday morning. 
  • The feeling reaching Ground floor? Where are my knees...Hello...are my knees still intact?

Bye-bye 2015, Hello 2016...Shall we tangga?

Healthier Me and You,

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