Saturday, 26 December 2015

Something new...Naelofar!

What? You call Naelofar something new? Where have you been!!!

Yup...that's me. I'm not much of a fashion buff. Naelofar hijab started her Year End Sale yesterday. The boutique was just a 10 minutes drive away from home. Hence I volunteered to check out the place and grab some pieces for my bff. Well...that was the plan. turned out that I bought some for my mom and MIL and family members, and bff and office mates and jemaah pantry. Hmmmm...cantik juga design dan material.

Let's give it another round with my kakak. The rest was history. Both my kakak took 9 and 6 pieces for themselves. I was stunned. Mak aihhhhh biar betik kakak-kakakku ni... Unbelievable. But I have to admit, the printed designs are a good mixture of bold, sweet and charming. I kind of like some of the designs... I'll give it more thought... Esok masih ada....


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