Monday, 28 December 2015

ICE...In Case of Emergency!

I guess I've reached that age where it is important to keep 'key' and 'important' phone numbers stored or saved CONVENIENTLY somewhere REACHABLE. One option is on my mobile. But I'm old fashioned. I still need to write these ICE numbers somewhere...and so I did. Sigh...I've aged!

Apart from family members, ICE should also include your bff, officemates and neighbours. Why? Most often than not, we travel with our family members. Hence, a samaritan needs to be able to contact others within your circle of friends and good relationship.

Another important thing to note, make it a practice to call your ICE on a daily basis. Their numbers will appear in the most recent called numbers on your mobile. Easier for  the samaritan  to assist you whenever needed.

What I've done is that I would store these numbers and categorised them under 'ICE'. For example:  RijalICE, KakakICE, AbgZamICE, LindaICE etc. Oh yessss...before saving these numbers as my ICE, I'd gave each of them a call and informed that they are my ICE. Hehehehe...just to ensure that they are well informed and ready mode and tenang-mode...don't panic my ICEs!

Who are your ICEs? Think about it...


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