Saturday, 28 November 2015

Healthier Me! Jom Zumba Plus

It's just a once a week affair. To me it's just not another zumba session...but, it's a session to enjoy loud music, move your body, dancing, screaming, feeling groovy let-your-hair-down 90 minutes ladies weekly zumba class with novem. Simply awesome!!! Memang best I tell YOU.

Apa tak nya kannnn...setelah seminggu dari Isnin hingga ke Jumaat, bertungkus lumus mencari rezeki yang halal, home to the kids and family...its just 90minutes of ME time. I think I deserve it weekly, kan? Just imagine...

  • in a week there's 24 hours a day, 
  • 6 hours spent for sleeping, hence a total of 18 waking hours daily. This will give you 
  • 1,080 waking minutes daily, which then gives you...
  • 7,560 waking minutes a week
  • My zumba-plus class is only 90 minutes, which requires me to spent only 1.2% of my weekly waking minutes for move-your-body zumba-plus session! 
Seciput je... 1.2% je kot! Bila dah congak macam ni, alamak! baru terasa and effective did I spend the rest of the waking minutes? Entah...nanti lah buat time sheet...track diri sendiri...but in the meantime, I shall continue zumba-ing, and feel my abs...adehhhh!
I do not teach you how to this class
I shall teach you how to challenge yourself!
Novem Chan

Shall we zumba to a healthier you and me? Jom!!!

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  1. best zumba kak ween...berpeluh sambil enjoy...sat ja dah 1hr..kalau workout lain jenuh rasa nak sampai sejam..keep it up kak ween ..hugss