Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Chat group...Pizza!

Sometimes you just woke up in the morning and go through the strings of threads in various chat groups, there will be just that message that simply caught your attention. This morning...for me...it was this short message. An analogy about pizza!
Pizza selalu mengelirukan kita. Kotaknya 4 segi, bila dibuka ianya bulat. Bila hendak dimakan menjadi segitiga pula. Begitulah manusia. Walaupun zahirnya sama tapi tindakan, pemikiran dan pendapat sangat berbeza. Raikan perbezaan, utuhkan persamaan. Kekalkan kemanusiaan.

deep. very deep... but it's sad, somehow, it's just lip service that we chant 'respect each other, appreciate differences, complement each other'...easier said than done...sad...

Courtesy: Google
Courtesy: Google

Just something worthwhile to ponder...

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