Friday, 23 October 2015

Sweet treats, cakes and pastries...October babies!

Did you know?
October to me is a whole month of cakes, tarts, pastries and everything sweet!
October also signals more time out with friends, nearing end of the year, and let's tighten my act to gear-up for the following year.
October, my friend is when Libras continue smiling endlessly...angau mode turbo charged!
October is definitely a month of 'zen' at work...patience and wisdom are my mantra...
Hence, my love for October!

Ahaks...these wonderful bakes by bff...baked with love, gifts from family and friends, were my NGAP! since beginning of October...what more sharing them with the loved ones. Woohoooo!!!

Gendang gendut, tali kecapi
Kenyang perut, senang hati!
Nahiiii Nahiiii...
No counting of calorie!!!

Enjoy your weekend, peeps!

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