Monday, 19 October 2015

October babies...

Assalamualaikum...Holaaaaa! Been busy...running around from one meeting to another and from one errand to another. Before you realise it, it's the NEXT weekend. Oh my...time does fly!

October is a month of celebration. Many Libras in the family. All the reason for cakes, tarts, anything sweet this month! Here's a 3 generation of Libras in KL. There are MOREEEEEE of us in the family. Probably it's not a bad idea to post all Libra pictures in future postings!

....and found some interesting quotes on the them! We are so LIBRA! Balanced. Lovable. Cheeky.
thank you Mr Google

thank you Mr Google!

Sannah Helwah October babies. Have a blast! Semoga sentiasa dirahmati dan dilindungi oleh NYA.

Take care,

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