Friday, 2 October 2015

Have you been sharpened?

When I first reported for duty, way way back ...about 21 years ago, our boss then, asked a bunch of us (10 of us reported duty on the same day to corporate sales) "What is work to you?" Mak aihhhh, imagine baru grad and ternganga-nganga nak jawap! wahahaha

But over the years, how I responded to that question, kept me going through this madness... mad corporate rat race. I will always remember that boss, MR we called him. Garang. Brilliant. Articulate. He was a superb corporate strategist. He had 'sharpened' multiple pensel yang tumpul. He sharpened them in throngs. That was one of his many capabilities. Ramai antara kami, fresh grads who came to work with and for MR, became greater person ourselves. He sharpened us like nobody business... adoiiii! thank you so much MR...

Dejavu...the current leaders are also using similar concept. Always sharpen your pencil! I guess, no matter where you are in the corporate world or elsewhere, one always need to sharpen oneself.
Sharpen one's thinking.
Sharpen one's positivity.
Sharpen one's mind... 


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