Monday, 19 October 2015

Doa...prayers from a friend!

Friends...there are a plenty, but TRUE ones? just a handful. Sometimes as you go on with your daily chores and responsibilities from dawn to midnight, you just get too caught up with your own life, you are like a robot. But my life gets a lift, a smile that forms from the corner of my eyes, burst into giggles, and laughter erupted whilst reading the thread and messages via mail, WhatsApp and text. My FRIENDS and family are the sole reasons for these silly and fun behaviour.

thank you Mr Google!

Obviously, my mornings 'sangat meriah' with the whirlwind of kiddos getting ready to school! and.... my friends, would CONTINUE to lift my spirit, gives a daily sanity check on my ego, (throw your ego out of the window, for heaven's sake!) get me all pumped up for the day. Lets CHARGED!!!
A birthday wish from a dear friend...I'm touched!

Look out for your friends, everyone...

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