Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kiddos, they say the darnest things!

When kiddos are on a long break from school, they tend to be lovy dovy one minute and scream and shout the other minute! Fening mommy okey... Just had to record this conversation among the big ones a few days back.

Location: Meja makan depan TV

Aqeela : "Abang aiman buat apa tu?" sambil sandar and letak kepala di belakang Aiman
Aiman: "eheheheh (panic version!) apa sandar-sandar ni? don't touch me!" Aiman almost blushing (wahahaha!)
Aqeela: "dah kenapa?" with a funny look...
Kipan: "Ek ele...itu aqeela la, kalau girlfriend sure Aiman sandar balik!"

Our living hall erupted in fits of laughter! Kantoi lagi Aiman...
December 2013 - Port Dickson
May the bond, sisterly and brotherly love amongst them be strengthened over time. They are the future generation of Malaysian muslim leaders. Semoga cemerlang di dunia dan di akhirat.

Love you kiddos!

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