Thursday, 25 June 2015

Ramadhan...Berbuka puasa!

Assalamualaikum. Ramadhan Day 7. Kenits have been good. No major fuss during sahur. Tapi masa berbuka puasa, permintaan setiap hari ada 1 je... "Mommy, nak pergi bazaar please?" Layan kan ... And the things they bought? The usual stuff:

  • Sata
  • Otak-otak
  • Dadih
  • 2 jenis air - a choice of air blue lemon, air tembikai laici, air teh bunga or air orange!

...and we girls would berbuka puasa with our favourite kurma!

Sekadar takes 20 minutes for you to fill 'full' with your food. Hence, always pause for awhile upon your first consumption...try to avoid makan in big portion in one sitting!

Selamat Berbuka everyone!

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