Friday, 8 May 2015

Make your mark!

Goodbye? Naaahhhh I don't believe in goodbyes...unless necessary.

  • Thank you for introducing Melbourne to us. Kiddos at times would still ajak ke Melbourne lagi and talked about the puffing billy trip and nasi beriyani at zamzam and the great ocean road stretch. We hope to make another trip soon. ohhhh ...not to forget the churros at queen victoria market! simply awesome!!! 
  • Thank you thank you for being such a great member and buddy and a listening ear and our check-and-balance during audit days... especially Seremban trip. 
  • The crazy months just before I left audit...dekat belakang office and trying our best to complete the consultancy job on voice services....introduction to Indon music...couldn't remember what particular band. But I still remember you burned a few songs utk the team nyanyi
  • Cheerleader through out my pregnancy with kenits! The bean bags and oh yes, nilai 3 .... super cantik kedai kain cotton...
Dear Aunty Adeeb...go and anchor yourself di Melbourne. Settled down, get a job and live your life to the fullest. I hope one of my girls would be like you...probably aqeela. 

Take care Deeb... you'll be fantastic over there!

We'll see you when we see you
kak ween

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