Sunday, 17 May 2015

MIL 4/14...Happy Mother's (mother-in-law) Day

MIL part 4 of 14... (arwah Mak simply loves red!)

MIL? The word itself would bring thousands of memories, perception, smiles, chuckles.... Mine has left us about 2 years ago. since then, only good memories are allowed! What makes her death more dramatic, is that, arwah Mak left us the early morning (just about Subuh) after Mother's Day that year...Monday 13th May 2013. I guess, there will several postings about arwah Mak...something I wrote within the first week arwah Mak moved on to the next phase of life... Why am I having those postings here? Just for my remembrance and for kiddos as well, someday...


May 14, 2013... Mak,  Ween picked these flowers for u today...sorry a bit late today. Been trying to put some of your things in order at home, your handbags n personal stuff. Slowly ye mak, ween kemas... Ween really dont look foward to do this mak... to go thru your clothes n put them in order, but I guess, life goes on no matter how difficult it first.  Ween jumpa mak lagi esok ye... I look forward to our meet! Luv u mak best MIL anyone could ever have!

Lots of love Mak, Al Fatihah

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