Sunday, 17 May 2015

MIL 9/14...Happy Mother's (mother-in-law) Day

MIL part 9 of 14... (arwah Mak simply loves red!)

MIL? The word itself would bring thousands of memories, perception, smiles, chuckles.... Mine has left us about 2 years ago. since then, only good memories are allowed! What makes her death more dramatic, is that, arwah Mak left us the early morning (just about Subuh) after Mother's Day that year...Monday 13th May 2013. I guess, there will several postings about arwah Mak...something I wrote within the first week arwah Mak moved on to the next phase of life... Why am I having those postings here? Just for my remembrance and for kiddos as well, someday...

May 15, 2013... Its a simple life. These plants... flowers, nenas n betik n whatever, are all mak's doing. She would pick up from somewhere n just 'cucuk ja kat tanah' n let them grow freely. Ada yang hidup n ada yang 'mampuih la pokok aku!' were sometimes her exact words! hihihi...
In the family, hub along with the rest was raised n schooled in Kedah n later went to college in Segamat n Shah Alam. He's an anak mak n does a thousand and one things for mak. Personally, I could never beat mak in raising a fantastic son... Both my sons, aiman n kipan are nowhere near like hub (as a son!) I've got a long long way to go, adehhh... Life goes on..
Lots of love Mak, Al Fatihah

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