Sunday, 17 May 2015

MIL 8/14...Happy Mother's (mother-in-law) Day

MIL part 8 of 14... (arwah Mak simply loves red!)

MIL? The word itself would bring thousands of memories, perception, smiles, chuckles.... Mine has left us about 2 years ago. since then, only good memories are allowed! What makes her death more dramatic, is that, arwah Mak left us the early morning (just about Subuh) after Mother's Day that year...Monday 13th May 2013. I guess, there will several postings about arwah Mak...something I wrote within the first week arwah Mak moved on to the next phase of life... Why am I having those postings here? Just for my remembrance and for kiddos as well, someday...

May 15, 2013... Hola mak! Something red for u today... ni dari pokok kat lorong nak masuk tu, tepi rumah mak longRed is mak's favourite colour! Despite her age, mak loves red especially dark red ...errr...merah hati! Kalau pi beli kain raya, mesti nak base red atau kalau tak pun, mesti nak ada bunga2 yang prominently red ...kalau tak bukan RAYA namanya! Curlasst gitew ibu mertuaku! Ahaks...

When mak got to know that we bought a red cik a, she couldnt help smiling. She was practically grinning from ear to ear. Not because of cik a, but because of its colour! Mak, mak azween (full name ya!) mak nak bagitau... kita ni mesti ada merah sikit, baru naik seri... Her exact words...when it comes to red thingy! Mak, the car is not just merah sikit! Its merah mengelit!!! Hahaha...
Mak, you know me. I'm not much of a talker kalau balik kedah. But, truthfully, the house is quiet without you. Ween pasang tv dari pagi sampai ke petang, tak kira la tv siam pun!
Its scorching hot today mak. Minum ayaq aih pun tak kurang panaih! Lagi dahaga ada la... Mandi tak yah lap rasanya! Hoping for awan kumulusnimbus to bring some rain ☔Mak, Ween can see you from where I'm busy putting down my thots... Esok, probably Ween going back to KL...I will not be able to visit you, Mak...but you know that you will always be in my heart... n in the 5 kiddos + 1 hub! Luv u mak
Life goes on, eh!

Lots of love Mak, Al Fatihah

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