Sunday, 26 April 2015

Upward trajectory, please behave like GLEE!

Oh YES! Personally, I guess, we do not need to lovy-dovy with each other. As you move upward trajectory in the corporate world, you need to at least acknowledge each other in the team, your peers and subordinate, your stakeholders etc... We need to respect and COMPLEMENT each other and work towards that ONE goal, moving into that ONE direction. The team needs to be like synchronize swimmers...apart from being beautiful inside out, every swimmer moves in tandem, with the same rhythm...

I love to observe GLEE. Not everybody in the cast likes each other, but in all their performances GLEE was almost always close to perfection...the expression, the agility, in delivering awesome entertainment to their followers who would be glued to the box!

What do I stand for? What do I stand for? ... trust, respect, team synergy, appreciate the differences in every team member...

Please behave like GLEE. Please perform like GLEE. Always a TEAM!

Upward trajectory here we come, together...

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