Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Sugar... Yes, please!!!

Busssyyyyyy! Bussssyyyyy mengalahkan bee... But, the move was worthwhile. A different perspective at work. A new vigour. A different environment...which requires many changes to my body clock! Adoiiii... I need sugar!

Can't help listening to SUGAR blaring from the stereo. Listen je ke? Nahhhhh.... lets sing. Jom SCREAM!!!

Simply love this video that Maroon 5 gate crashed weddings.Check out the brides and grooms and those at the weddings' expressions!

Imagine.....jeng jeng jeng jeng... Just imagine that they... who they? MAROON 5 actually gate crash office! Mau pengsan. Runtuh kot bangunan tu? Exxageration to the max! Gegar bangunan is a better and more realistic 'could-be' situation!!!

Enjoy the video peeps!

Sugar, Yes Please...

Have a great week ahead,

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