Friday, 10 April 2015

Such a sport...Skirts and Pink Day!

This happens when you have such good spirited and sporting office mates. Ohhhh I miss them much! What makes corporate life more interesting is the environment and the people you deal with. We may not share the same direct report nor we are of a similar job scope...but we are only human and we are ladies and hawt mommies! Hmmmm opocot! ada singles juga in the pics...

Us! during the Skirts Day...bersungguh-sungguh majority of us in skirts on that day. And most of us were donning abunk kawasan's AshhAnnas mermaid printed and royal designs...rasa macam extra chantekkk...

Then, we had the Pink day...cum farewell makan-makan for yours truly...all of them turn up in pink! Pink from head to sweet...

Source: Google

Thank you semua in truckloads for always being there, through ups and downs...cheered me up during tough times and bad times and mengarut times! You ladies memang awesome kebabom!!!

Always in my heart,

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