Thursday, 2 April 2015

My shark? Its now my SHARKSSSSSS!

A few weeks back, I posted about putting a shark in your fish tank aka putting new challenges in one's could read more about it here...SHARK!

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Oh dear...this new challenge forced me to change my body clock too! Yikes!!! sharkssss have brought a slightly different perspective about work. Even though I'm barely a month fully onboard, ooooooooo the things I've observed (silently), the wisdom I experienced from the many colleagues yang ikhlas, are so valuable.

Bak kata pepatah melayu, kita ambil yang jernih dan buang yang keruh. But, Allah swt is great. He gave me wonderful other fishes to work with...and they are simply awesome...could have barely survive the first month without them!
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But I also believe that the Creator is Most Merciful...he would not have led me to this new challenge, if its not for my best-est interest. Hence, I would be patient and learn a thing or two, everyday. InshaAllah...

Al- Kahfi : Ayat 10
Ya Allah Ya TuhanKu, Hanya pada Mu, ku meminta petunjuk....

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