Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tension??? No need la...Just fire up your life!

While I was doing some spring cleaning at the office the other day, I came across an old file...heaps of old tainted papers. I had printed life lessons shared during previous-previous yearsssss via the old mail system. Oh myyyy...Will be sharing them as and when time permits!

Putrajaya, 2013


The moment you are in tension,
you will lose your attention.
This will put you in total confusion
and you'll feel the irritation
which might spoil personal relation.
Ultimately, you won't get cooperation,
which will cause complication.
You'll then need to watch your BP with caution,
and you might have to take medication.
Instead...understand the situation;
try to think of a solution.
Many problems will be solved by discussion,
which will work out better in your profession.
This is not my free suggestion,
it is only prevention.
If you understand my intention,
you'll never come again to tension!!!

-Author unknown-

Fire up!


  1. Dapat tengok real mesti cantik.

    1. assalamualaikum Kak Mahh...Setiap tahun ada di Putrajaya...memang cantik. Suka sangat bawa anak-anak tengok! Memang worth the drive...