Sunday, 8 March 2015

Life is F.U.N. Lets' zumba!!! Lets walk! Earth Hour Walk...

Calling all hawt mommies! This is dedicated to all of you super busy iron ladies, domestic commandos, stay at home moms, corporate makers, budding entrepreneurs... tak kira whoever you are and whatever you maketh, my only wish for you...STAY HEALTHY. Life is FUN!!!

Let us not lose ourselves in our busy lifestyle to make a perfect living.
Make time for ourselves.
Make time to exercise.
Make time to zumba, stroll in the park, badminton or skipping!

I zumba once a week! #azam2015

zumba weekly and today's badminton tournament...cheerleading!

Next, would be some running! 

But we start with walking dulu ya...

Stay healthy hawt mommies and mommies to-be,

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