Sunday, 15 March 2015

I'm a working mommy...

Is it a dilemma? My personal view...its a choice. Its always about choices. And as I inched myself towards 'setengah abad'...I've also learnt to make amends with my choices and live with it. Just a continuous reminder to keep me sane...hihihi

  • Appreciate and accept the fact that I'm a busy working mom
  • My time with kiddos is limited. Roughly an hour in the morning before they leave for school and another two hours or so in the evening before their bed time. I cringe putting these facts outright. Very limited...
  • Hence, I guess...its just lovy dovy and berkasih sayang all the time with kiddos. 
  • Tough! Very tough and challenging coz sometimes you come home to an upside down house, messy kitchen and your feet hurts bila terpijak small toys such as lego parts! That's the mornings? 
  • Unbelievable... to be precise to the very minute...5 kiddos off to school. Up and about with a window of  about an hour...bangun, mengeliat, one two som siapa mandi dulu between the girls, berebut bathroom, mandi, solat, breakfast and kejar van sekolah...sakit perut pulak tetiba last minute...adoiiiiii...and all the time, must be POSITIVE, keep on motivating them and a SMILE on the face! 
  • But...a BIG but...the house is quiet once they left in the morning and once they are all in bed. Feels so lonely.

So #azam2015 I'll try my very very best not to turn into godzilla? no monster? no pink hulk? no tarzan? with thy kiddos... (diriku memohon kekuatan dari Mu Ya Allah...Amiin )

Looking at my flowers whenever they bloom provides me the calmness that I need... Find that 'thing' that could keep you going...keep going positively in life...I assure you... super busy hawt mommies, you just need that 'thing'!

Keep your head up.
Cheer up.
Be gentle to yourself.
You are doing your best-est!
Be proud that you are a working mom!

Take care,

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