Friday, 27 February 2015

Usrah petang Isnin

A short sharing. A note to self. Should you want to know more...deeper... just drop me a note.
  • lillahitaala....full stop! 
  • jalankan hari-hari mu sebagai seorang HAMBA - servant of God
  • bila tengok lukisan, apa yang dilihat...colours? practise to see the painter. Maka, terpulanglah pada pelukis tersebut untuk menjadikan lukisan itu seperti cita rasa sendiri. Who are we to comment? Hmmm... bring that concept to life... when you see things or people, what do you see? the 'thing' or the person? We should be seeing the Creator. Hence, it is up to the Creator to create anything and anyhow ...
  • Tiada apa yang berlaku dalam hidup ini tanpa melalui 4 peringkat...SEMUA ( I repeat!) SEMUA yang berlaku di atas kehendak NYA, memperolehi keizinan NYA, di atas ketetapan oleh NYA dan dalam pengetahuan NYA. Nothing is amiss from HIS knowledge...
My take, the beauty about working in a huge company ... (more of an institution for me!) is that you meet different kind of people. And I would always have the liberty to learn a thing or two from all of them. similarly, to the Monday afternoon, it was a serious discussion that later spin off into things that matter in life apart from work...

Your loyal servant,

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