Wednesday, 11 February 2015

This little bulb called garlic!

Garlic... a must have in most of our kitchen. InshaAllah..memang akan ada sebutir dua atau dua tiga labu bawang putih di dalam bakul di dapur, masing-masing.

One thing I like about garlic is the aroma and flavour it gives in my dishes. Its a must for me to include garlic in all of my veggie dish, samada goreng ke tumis ke masak lemak. Its is one way of getting kiddos and abah kiddos to consume garlic in the natural way! Not just veggies, but for curry, kurma and barbeque...garlic is one of the main ingredient! Kalau dulu masa muda (trang tang tang!) memang bila time nak masak, macam dah automatic ambil bawang merah, bawang putih and hiris...No question asked. Macam its a no brainer la... But I guess, it depends on one's liking and family. Ada juga orang yang tak minat dan tak guna pun bawang putih ni dalam masakan. No problem!

Nowadays the health benefits of garlic are tremendous. Any one could unifi and google about it. Amongst them that have been pass down from my grannies...are:

  • Roasted garlic is a good natural remedy for gout. Simply roast and munch them, daily.
  • Alternative remedy for flu and cough. Roast garlic and mix with olive oil. Rub the mixture at your chest and around the nose.
  • Rub garlic all over the exposed body parts, to avoid nyamuk! 
  • 'Angin' or flatulence...helps to get rid of them in our body.

Another garlic wonder is that helps with weight management...nak kurus! nak sihat! I just want to be healthy .

In my earlier posting, azam 2015...I've started to eat tons and tons of garlic. Been taking them in multiple forms...raw, chopped, roasted and pills. Why? Apart from other health reasons (once you crossed 40 i.e. which is the new need to focus more on health!) I strongly believe that good health starts with good weight management. Makaaaaaa....diriku haruslah kurus dan sihat.

tapi azween dari dulu ada perasaan yang kalau makan garlic banyak, nanti ada bau badan yang kurang menyenagkan...BUT...a BIG BUT...Like what one of my kakaks said...

"Dik ko dah makan lum garlic tuh? Tak kiro do badan berbau ko apo ko, sok sok badan sakit, darah tersumbek, kau kono heart attack ko, stroke nak jago yang berlimo tu? Den tak kiro..ko suruh den tolan 10 biji pagi ko 10 biji malam pun den sanggup...asalkan den sihat yo!' ....Dah tu banyak na reason kau...poyi amik garlic tu." only response at that point of time was... Ok noted Ngah!

So... it has been and will continue to be ...2 pills of garlic morning and night...while dreaming of my next travel...possibly Bangkok......

I just want to be healthy,

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