Saturday, 17 January 2015

Weddings and candy buffet!

Weddings during my time and my sister's , we had gamelan, and the usual kompang. Our friends and cousins would have the occasional silat. CHANGE is the only thing constant? This is ohhh so true even for weddings! Now, it is not just a trend. but I think its a MUST HAVE. Tapi best sangat. azween suka betul sebabnya tuan rumah peka dengan citarasa jemputan yang inginkan 'kelainan'. I'm talking about candy buffets.

My idea of candy buffet...someday...for the kiddos wedding...or...their birthday!

Feel the mood - Balloons, flowers (dried / fresh / tissue)
For the sweet tooth and kiddies - VARIETIES ...lollipops, marshmallow, jelly beans, rock (candy yang macam batu!), chocolate minis, chocolate kisses,  sumi jelly, colourful dadih
Simply for the endless butter and vanilla pleasures - cuppies (size M and S), brownies, congo bars, macaroons, victoria sandwich slices,cream puff, chocolate mini pavlova!
To satisfy the Malaysian in me - kueh talam (make it 3 types) and koci

When the time comes, I would order from these wonderful friends...sangat-sangat menjaga quality... quality rupa dan quality rasa! Serious sedap..

Syukur sangat dikenalkan dengan kengkawans yang pelbagai kepandaian... Alhamdulillah...
  • Victoria sandwich - kak wiz wahid..check out her ig... cakesbywiz... @0169757434
  • Crema puff - maya @ 0133547450
  • Chocolaty goodness - chocoluv ...check out her ig ...chocoluvbyizzkaseh @0162072508
  • Cuppies - linda ...chekc out her ig ...lindasalleh76 @0133415191
  • Kueh talam, pelbagai talam - mimi azlia @0129403550

Sweet tooth,

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  1. alaaaaa... tetiba teringat kueh talam kak mimi azlia tuh!!... sedapnyerrr... huhu