Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Sedapnya kalau dapat makan nasi putih panas-panas dan lauk simple je. Simple? always left to the interpretation of the person him/herself. What's important to me, would be the food combination. Here's my take for superb sinfully sedap lunch...during weekends...duduk bersila atas kerusi...and there's no rush to finish off the food! Pergggghhhhh...

Udang goreng kunyit dan kacang panjang!

Tomyam ayam

Tempe goreng kunyit extra garing and extra nipis!

Ikan cencaru  belah belakang 

Sayur campur bawang putih cincang

I'm so hungry right now! But whatever it is you are cooking, please make sure that you have gone thru all the necessary detoxification and purification processes... azween guna mesin biozone food purifier, and garam buluh and asam jawa and air alkali...simple stuff in every kitchen!

I love to masak-thon,

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