Saturday, 13 December 2014

Bukit Bintang Girls School...close to my heart!

Everyone would have mixed feelings and memories whilst growing up. Bagi azween, zaman persekolahan masih segar diingatan. BBGS...Bukit Bintang Girls' School...or other names such as Big Backs*** Girls' School ..or Best Behaviour Girls' School!

I only remember the great times.I have such fond memories of BBGS days. Although the school building now has transformed into Pavilion, but the huge corridors and stoned staircase would always be in my heart.

Of  late, I've been thinking and going down memory lane looking at good friends' FB and simply reading the thread in our chat room. Just had to dedicate this entry for my childhood friends... Friends I grew up with. Transform from being a girl into adolescence. Buat 'benda' macam-macam! Naik turun bas sekolah and public bus at those wee hours in the morning! Hehehe...

Some of us have shrunk, some expanded, but whatever it is...we have ALL blossomed into beautiful swans of our very own. Love you gals and thank you so so much for being there through out my life, physically and virtually and always in my prayers...

we pledge to thee
our love and toil in the years to be
when we are grown and take our place
as loyal women in our race

Never a single moment of despair and anguish. Only colgate pictures. Only pearl white moments!

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