Friday, 21 November 2014

Slow down...consciously...

I accepted this fact a few nights ago. I came to terms with myself... trying to better understand my ladies colleagues. When we ladies mature and move on into the next phase beyond our college life, we took on more responsibilities. When we got married and have kiddos of our own,we care and take charge from A to Z regarding the kids,  we take charge of our parents, we continued to work, we venture into a business, we became stay-at-home-moms, we became domestic name it! Whatever we become...most often than not, we lost our personal self. We transformed into a new person, sometimes into someone that we hardly know what I mean kan.

It takes a lot of energy and courage to face this fact, and probably we need to make tough decisions, to FIND ourselves back. I took that decision a few years back...I slow down, consciously.

A very touching poem for all hawt mommies out there...

Paris April 2014
Paris April 2014

Slow down Mummy by R. Night...


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