Sunday, 30 November 2014

Skirts! only at Kota Damansara ...Ashh&Annas

Unbelievable! oh YESSS!!! Another SALE KASI LICIN by Ashh & Annas. I agree and acknowledge the fact that there are many awesome online skirts vendors with excellent cutting and material and a wide range of sizes and we customers are spoiled with choices. But Ashh& Annas is my personal favourite simply because of  its location...Kota Damansara....sepelaung je dari rumah!

Ada ample parking space and just walking distance from the Strand. Lepas shopping skirts, boleh makan-makan di Strand or tengok wayang or even do your groceries shopping. The physical boutique location is extremely convenient to me la.

Just want to share what's in store for the current sales. Heheheh...Don't you just love the new collection... Memang skirts to die for tau! Just check out the instagram you sleepless night!

Dalam tidur terbayang-bayang...haihhhh

such unique colour kan!

oh my purple! so rich the purple tone! AWESOME!!!
Nak yang #1 please!

Simple. Elegant. Must have!

Jom you all ke butik di Kota Damansara. Else, you could request the service of a personal shopper to buy your orders. Just submit your orders and bank in the full amount and some minimal fee (I think!)
azween would recommend Effa as one of the reliable personal shopper. Follow her at her account ps_effareeza.

Kat Kota Damansara ni, macam-macam ada ....and at affordable prices and to your convenience as well. Come la to KD! Esok shopping skirts ya...All the best. Hang on to your purse!

Only in KD,

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