Friday, 31 October 2014

Surprised! Its for you....Belated Birthday!

Assalamualaikum...October is definitely a month of celebration...a month to be so so so thankful for everything! Love it to the max...

Bffs at the office gave a surprised birthday cuppies bouquet. Not just any bouquet. But extremely cantik and seriously sedap! ....ohhhhh and how they kept this beautiful bouquet as a secret from me? Its simply unbelievable.

Let me story the mory...hihihi...and I'm still smiling and grinning as I blog about this surprise.

Here I was the day before, giving my sincere comments on how and what I think the bouquet should look like...since my bestie cum the baker conned me into believing that the bouquet was for her customer. Linda, the baker, told us that the bouquet was for her customer who ordered for a surprised gift to her hub!

azween dan kengkawan lunch yang lain pun dengan gighnya membayangkan jika we all yang order the bouquet and macam mana nak bawa supaya tak terbalik and what not...sementara nak bawa bouquet cuppies to the husband...

antara statements...
hmmm, I think the base mesti berat, supaya tak terbalik... letak guli. ehhhh why guli? nanti dapat balik tak guli tu? letak batu sungai je.

then antara response yang dapat dari Linda the baker... its okey, I kenal this customer and I minta balik guli tu nanti...

and macam-macam komen lagi la sebab Linda the baker is going to then made the bouquet on viral, as her next gift project kan...

Then the next day, for lunch, here I was innocently joined the rest at the pantry and asked, "Eh project bouquet semalam dah siap? deliver dah ke? mana gambar ek? sorry la tak sempat tengok finished product." I ingat lagi Linda and another bestie Ika said, "ohhhh customer tu tak jadi ambil today, its for esok!"

So I thought...okey..and made my toast with peanut butter and chocolate, little did I noticed the other besties Mona, Mien and Balqis were at the table watching me...hadoiiiii me so blurrr la weiii

Pastu, Linda dengan sardinnya, pergi ke fridge and keluarkan the lovely bouquet and seriously azween memang terkezut coz the bouquet came out fantastic! Memang cantik! Don't think I would want to eat it.... and suddenly...Taraaaaaa, this is for you la Kak Ween!

Hamikkkau...unbelievable terkezut tahap gaban! wakakaka...I just couldn't help smiling and grinning and non-stop laughing! mashaAllah kengkawan ku nihhhhh.... I feel so loved la ...thank you, you olls for the lovely surprise.

Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Expressions:  Amazed. Surprised. Excited!
still smiling...sengih! sengih! sengih!

Loved! still can't help grinning...
And I, never thought I'd feel this way, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm glad I've got a chance to say...that I do believe I love you...Keep smiling, keep shinning, knowing you can always count on me...for sure, that's what friends are for!

Alhamdulillah...Received with love,

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