Monday, 14 July 2014

Ramadhan...with Friends!

Assalamualaikum.... Its been for quite a few years! Setiap Ramadhan, kami berlapan akan plan untuk berbuka puasa bersama. These are friends I got to know during my audit days. Nowadays, all of us have left the division and moved on with other portfolio in our corporate lives. Acara wajib ialah ke pasar ramadhan... Most of the time, we would go off to pasar ramadhan Bangsar or pasar ramadhan Kerinchi. Tapi tahun ini, ada sedikit kelainan. We decided to support TMCC and iftar at TMCC with Eden.

Its not about the food. But its about bonding with great friends... Saling ingat mengingati antara kami dan keluarga, share jokes about our kiddos, and catch up on each other's latest craze...walaupun kami memang ada whatsapp group! hahaha... Anyway, tak sama sembang face-to-face jika dibandingkan dengan sembang via chat! Apa pun, it was awesome...meeting and get together again for Ramadhan! This time around, one of us could not make it! Hence loads and loads of pics for her viewing pleasure...heheheh

TMCC had props and a nice setup cum backdrop for snapping pictures away. Kami pun apa lagi! Selfies, and welfies, and posing ...ini version Engkau laksana bulan!

Hahaha...gambar last ni ada story disebalik ni! Everytime we meet for our annual Ramadhan Iftar, there would be incidents. Memorable sangat!!!

They are my wonderful mommies. They taught me the ropes on internal auditing, from zero to something. I'm blessed to have all of these wonderful ladies as my teachers, friends, companion and sistas! Alhamdulillah! Errrr....missing Ita and Azni in this last pic! ;p

Ramadhan! Ramadhan! Ramadhan!

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