Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ramadhan...SSS...So sinfully sedap!

I just love the three 'S'...So Sinfully Sedap. Memang diakui di bulan Ramadhan ni, semua rasa nak dimakan, nak dirasa, nak diminum bila masa berbuka. Tapi hakikatnya, alaaaaahai...sejemput je kuih, nasi, mee, mihun atau spaghetti yang dijamah. Maklumlah seharian kot, lebih kurang 14jam menahan lapar dan dahaga kan! Anyways, I've been trying out combination of kuih and bubur and other dishes for iftar... Some I find it extremely satisfying. But I've also noticed that if I had taken the food in the right combination, they tasted super awesome or my version of So Sinfully Sedap!

So here are some of my favourite Ramadhan So Sinfully Sedap combinations!

Ice cream raspberry ripple mixed with pistachio,
and have it with crystal jelly and roasted chicken in black pepper sauce!

Parmesan oregano sandwich with chicken teriyaki loaded with salad and tomatoes, baked ...
without cheese, and a dash of barbeque sauce, 
and have it with double chocolate chip chewy cookies!

Pencuci mulut! Bubur kacang hijau (sedikit masin!) and kueh lapis pelbagai...cara makan...
lapisan demi lapisan, one by one! perggggh!

But mind you, not to over indulge yourself. Lets eat in moderation ya!

Selamat berbuka,

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