Monday, 9 June 2014

Ramadhan al Mubarak...I'll be waiting!

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Ramadhan! Ramadhan! Ramadhan! Its coming, InshaAllah. I was thinking that probably it would be great to sahur with only kurma this year. Boleh juga jaga perut supaya tak meragam sangat. But the kids would still have their nasi or meehoon or spags. Oh dear...the drama of waking up the biggies and having sahur with half-closed eyes and then a quick nap before mommy wakes them up again for subuh and school. Kalau mommy tertidur, memang terrrrrrlepas-la sekolah tu! I guess its almost similar with other families, kan?

Just a reminder for many of us...especially myself, a checklist of things to do or prepare in welcoming Ramadhan...
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  • ganti puasa
  • bayar fidyah
  • bersihkan kubur saudara mara
  • stock up on kurma and serunding, milo and mineral coffee!
  • prepare menu berbuka dan sahur for the whole month...supaya tak fening! that's me of course...will be wondering what to cook for sahur especially...sigh...

That's about it, I guess... and the usual doa sebulan berpuasa and daily niat!

and of course, book my tadarus group. I need to khatam my Quran this Ramadhan...

Have faith, Ramadhan is almost here

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