Sunday, 15 June 2014


Alhamdulillah...kami berdua, hub and myself, berpeluang ke kota Paris. It was a repeat visit for us. The first time, we went with friends. A bus-full of us...that was in 2013. But this time around, it was just the two of us. Bonjour Paris...

Paris is definitely a city of love, awakens the passion in you, beautiful buildings, weather, haihhhh...everything about Paris la is so chantek! When you take a stroll along the cobbler stone road, quaint cafes alongside the road, with handsome model-like guys with full jacket, well groomed hair, immaculate fingers...rasa macam jalan-jalan di tengah beauty pagent pulak... pencarian Mr Right! Not just the guys, the ladies are mostly well dressed and pretty sehhh... One of the days, we went grocery shopping at Casino (a local Giant gitu!) and the aunties cum mokciks there had their fur coat on! Wahhhhh so the anggun... Paris...ooolala

Just our pictures around Paris... We had a great time, and definitely we will make a comeback. InshaAllah... Our first day in Paris...notre première journée à Paris! (google translate!)

superb metro service!

Cantik betul underground!
Paris at night!
love the buildings...
didn't I mention shopping?
beautiful flowers along the roads
kebab! super delicious!
One thing I love about travelling is to just sit back, relax and watch the people, the sky, take the local transport, walk and walk and walk! ehhhh chopppp! ada lagi.... a hot mug of tea, chocolates and local fruits! These are in addition to my craze of snap pictures via my iphone!

Alhamdulillah...rezeki yang ada, rezeki yang melimpah ruah...diberikan peluang untuk travel. Melihat dunia orang. Bak kata pepatah. Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan. Semoga mendapat rezeki untuk travel lagi tahun depan dan tahun-tahun yang akan datang. Amiiiinnnn...

Paris...aku datang....lagi,

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