Sunday, 18 May 2014

Why? I wonder...Just believe, and be kind...

I always wonder why do I meet with certain people and why was it at 'that' stage of my life. Have you ever wondered the same? 

Often than not, it amazed me way way...wayyyyy after-the-fact that the person is there to impact my life at that point of time, to show me lessons in life which will benefit me later or even now. 
Hence, I learned a very valuable kind to who ever you meet, he or she is one of your many teachers in life... 
Be kind!

This is definitely a reminder to myself, a knock on my own head... 
Be kind!

 Each one of us are winners in our very own way. We've gone through life as how its planned by HIM. 
No one will ever or need to go through the same exact life experience. Everybody is different. 
We ARE EXTRAordinary in every way of our lives. Just believe it. 
Be kind...

 The fusion of a great wealth of experience between the people that we meet, the intellectual, the endless observation...fused into our own lives, is a gift, a very precious gift. 
Only you know its worth. So, be kind...

Yes...its a daunting task. However, always remember that He works in very mysterious ways. Only He knows. We just have to believe. Hence, more importantly...
Be kind!

I'm struggling be kind at all times, at the first time. Sometimes I lose my anger, my control. Then, I just need a Magnum Almond to cool me down. However, life is short. 
There's no time to waste. 

Dear Ween, 
focus your mind, 
prioritize your thoughts and 
maintain 'Be Kind' your Number #1.

Be kind,

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