Sunday, 11 May 2014

Kedah Darul Aman, Jelapang Padi

I've been frequenting Alor Setar since school days because Ma' Su lives here. However, my views and perception of Kedah changed later, in life. From the lenses of a girl whom got to know Kedah, a little closer about 17 years ago. Here's my 'laundry list' why one should get a taste of Kedah over and over and over again.

Beautiful bendang aka sawah aka paddy field. Peaceful. Breathtaking view. Hence Kedah, negeri Jelapang Padi.

Lovely home. Kampung style. Rich architecture in most home.

Food heaven! Simple, traditional kueh. Baulu, telor labah-labah, cucuq keria are among my favourites. The must-have Keutiau Iman! A local flat noodle-like stir fry rich in shrimps, mussels, bean sprouts and soy sauce. (I couldn't find my Keutiau Iman sorry!)

Heavenly skies. Scorching hot sun. Amazing sunsets.

My favourite heritage places and their intricate workmanship, delicate carvings and oh! so deeply rooted in history.

Hmmm...did I forget to mention the mouth watering, thirst quencher cendol?

So, what are you waiting for? Come on... just take a short get-away and drive up north to Alor Setar!

Mai singgah naaaa,

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