Thursday, 8 May 2014

Heavenly home

One of my favourite past time is to watch and catch the skies. Weird ek? But I just love it. Simply looking at the sky gives me a calm feeling. You would feel so small in this whole wide world. The more you acknowledge the presence of Him. Not just that, the more it sink into you, the greatness of Him. Gerun... Awesome... MashaAllah... SubhanAllah...

As I commute daily to work, sending kenits to kindy, fetching kiddos from school (at times) and other errands, I just love to snap at the skies and the result? simply amazing!

And then, in my many roadtrips, my iphone would be full with a gallery of the bluest of the blue sky, pure white clouds, sometimes the rose tint clouds amidst the early morning sun, and the raging orange skies during sunset. If I would live long enough, I would simply travel the world to catch the most amazing skies all over...

On cloud nine, always

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