Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Collect points, Discounts, Rebate!

I'm a big fan of  'loyalty program' cum 'buy in bulk' cum 'get discounts' cum 'collect points' cum 'rebates'. Why not right? For example, I know I need petrol for the car, and there's a Shell and Petronas right smack at the main road at home. So, it would either be Petronas or Shell. But I'm not brand loyal. Minyak je kot...hihihi So... I go to both and get discounts or rebates at their Mesra or Select respectively.

As our consumption needs are on the rise, there is a need (my personal view) to re-look at how I would leverage on the offerings by these consumer products businesses...but NOT at the expense of my health, of course la kan!

Recently, we balik-kampung and had to do a quick shopping at Tesco Ipoh. Hmmm...we hardly Tesco in KL, simply because there's Giant and AEON Big nearer at home. So, when both my daughter and myself were busy hunting for 'something' in Tesco, we were amazed at the splendid range of day wear Tesco carried. Terus apa lagi.... We bought pyjamas, leggings and t-shirt for the girls, track bottom and top for Mun and myself. Wahhhh.... serious happy. And on top of it all, we saw fancy bags at the counter... they had it in Spidey, Thor, Dusty and a few other characters. Rembat!!! Hahaha... Now, we are Tesco member of course! ...simply because we get to be notified of new offerings and collect points!

I guess its the same with other must haves. For me, I need salt, shampoo, soap and other basic stuff. I found them in one shop and I get to collect points, I get discounts, I get rebate! Mak aihhhh... Been doing that for the past 1 year. Blissful...Kaching to my pocket! Let your daily must-haves make MORE money for you!

This is my version of  PROsumer. Be a consumer and gain from it!

Love my soap,

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