Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shakshuka in Paris!

During my recent trip to Paris, I learnt how to cook Shakshuka from Fazi, a good friend since primary days back in BBGS... This Shakshuka version that I'm going to share with you is meat based, and great for anytime of the day. It was a first try for me. Fazi's cooking was simply delicious. Hence our recent trip to Paris was fun-filled with food tasting, be mobile like the locals and architecture, architecture, architecture! Bonjour Paris ....

800grams of minced meat (please detox your meat first ya!)
2 large Holland onions - chopped!
4 tomatoes - chopped, too! (please get rid of pesticides first, ya!)
1/2 Green pepper / 1 red chilli / 1 green chilli (remove seeds)
Bamboo salt
2 tbspoon ground cumin (rempah / serbuk ketumbar)
Ground black pepper
Ghee (for a more aromatic Shakshuka compared to any other cooking oil) (minyak sapi!)
Eggs - 6 - 8 poached eggs!

1. Place 1 teaspoon of ghee on your frying pan. Let it hot. Stir fry minced meat.
2. Add in ground cumin and black pepper to your heart desire.
3. Let your meat mixture to be half cook. Put aside.
4. On a separate pan, heat another 1 teaspoon of ghee.
5. Stir fry, onions, tomatoes and chilies or green pepper together.
6. Once simmer, add a bit of water to ensure that you have a bit of sauce or gravy for your Shakshuka.
7. Let it simmer for about 10 - 20 minutes.
8. Add in the earlier half cooked minced meat into the gravy. Mix well.
9. Then add salt (bamboo salt, please!) for added taste.

Note: The essence of Shakshuka is to serve in the pan that it is being cooked. Gulp! Tak sanggup la pulak nak hidang kuali atas meja! hahaha... ( not me  to serve any dish in a frying pan. Fancy having a frying pan on my dining table? Ooooooo a BIG NO NO!) So as usual, lets improvise the method ya!

10. Prepare a casserole (or any plate that could withstand heat.) Place a bit of ghee. Heat the casserole.
11. Then, scoop the earlier cooked minced meat, tomatoes and slight gravy into the casserole. (you don't have to place all the minced meat!)
12. Depending on the size of your casserole, make small size space /  holes in your minced meat, to place the eggs.
13. Then, add unscrambled eggs. 1 egg for every small size space.
14. Wait for the egg to turn white, and depending on how you like your yellow, the Shakshuka is ready!

Bon appetit...

Since we got back from Paris, we've had Shashuka for breakfast and dinner and the third time, for brunch! Even Tok Dy's (my dad) face changed from you-know-that expression ...apa benda la si adik ni bagi makan wow! more bread please! Woohooo! Sedap la tu kot... So...tunggu apa lagi?

Go give it a try,

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