Sunday, 6 April 2014

Penghujung Cintaku...Weddings!

Yesterday, I attended a wedding of a neighbour. Such lovely couple. Typically for any wedding nowadays, you would have the caterer, photographers and video people, in addition to the family and throngs of aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, grand-family, friendddddsssss...

But, one of the best things about weddings, personally for the song played through out the event. Today, it was the first time I heard 'Penghujung Cintaku'. Love the lyrics and melody... makes one fall in love all over again! Hmmmm...

Berakhir sudah pencarian cintaku
Jiwa ini tak lagi sepi
Hati ini telah ada yang miliki
Tiba diriku di penghujung mencari cinta
Diri ini tak lagi sepi
Kini aku tak sendiri

Aku akan menikahimu
Aku akan menjagamu
Ku kan selalu di sisimu seumur hidupmu...

Wow! Deep...very deep...I've found mine. Alhamdulillah

Love is in the air,

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